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Remote Area Lights:

Pelican offers a full range of Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) bringing portable, powerful, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible lighting with advanced technology to remote and general area applications. It is the complete lighting solution for first responders, law enforcement, industrial (including hazardous areas on ATEX certified models) and aerospace applications.

From the compact single head 9430 & 9480 (that fits easily into confined spaces) to the four head 9470, these units run on a silent, rechargeable sealed battery, freeing users to work anywhere, on or off the grid, without a generator. Each RALS is designed with LED technology to provide a better quality of light, high reliability and low energy consumption. The result is an energy efficient lighting solution with low long-term operating and maintenance costs.

With multiple heads and Bluetooth activation (select models), RALS can light up an accident scene or a field.

Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS)