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Pelican Coolers:

Pelican Elite coolers have the thickest wall insulation in the industry, so it can be used in the blazing sun all day and still maintain a chill factor inside. And their coolers are guaranteed for life.

The insulation design has the capability of keeping the cooler cold for up to 10 days and has premium features that are not available as standard on other  market coolers like lock in place latches, rigid fold up handles and wide wheels for soft terrain on selected models.

So if you need to keep it ice cold then you need a Pelican Elite Cooler. 

So if you want to know why the Pelican Cooler Range is so popular then follow this link - Pelican Coolers



Pelican offers a wide range of Pelican™ Elite Coolers and Pelican™ Elite Soft Coolers if interested contact us for further information.